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Add an annotation to GA automatically when a New Commit on Github

It only takes 5 minutes to automate this annotation, and NO coding skills are required.
Giihub annotation on google analytics

Here is how to do it:



1. Login to your GAannotation account here



2. Create your Zapier account here, you can start FREE



3. Create a new Zap, click on "MAKE A ZAP" button


4. Type "Github" to find the app trigger and select it

Github connectivity to GAannotation

5. For Trigger Event, select "New Commit"

New commit in Guthub

6. Connect your Github account and test that everything works fine.

Next: Set up the trigger, choose the Repo and the Head

Set Github Zapier

7. Time to test the trigger

Test zapier trigger

8. Continue and select the action app, search for "Webhooks by Zapier" and select it.

Weebhooks for GAannotations

9. Select "POST" option

POST selection

10. Add the POST URL

IMPORTANT: Pay attention there is NO extra space after the URL when you paste it

GAannotations API

The POST URL you can copy it from the documentation page

GAannotations documantation

11. Choose "Form" in the "Payload type" section


12. On the data section, you need to copy/paste the mandatory fields and choose the incoming data from Bitbucket, this will be the data for the annotation

Setup Github annotation

13. Scroll down to the "header", then:

  1. - Copy/paste the word "Authorization" on the header section

  2. - Copy/paste the word "Bearer" on the undefended section

  3. - Go to the API KEYS page and generate a key, copy/paste it after the word "Bearer".

    IMPORTANT :There must be a <space> between the word Bearer and Access Token.

  4. - Click Continue & Test

14. Test your ZAP

Test Github Zap

15. Go back to the annotations page and check if the annotations it's there, it will be also displayed on the Google Analytics account.

You can always edit or delete annotations from your dashboard ; )

Github annotation
Giihub annotation on google analytics

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